Q. Is GND an escort site?


A. Maybe in the traditional sense we could be considered an elite escort agency. We like to think of ourselves as a companionship service for high net-worth individuals and beautiful, accomplished young women. We represent gorgeous ladies who are looking for a connection and to spend their time with select men without dealing with the hassles of serious long-term relationships, flaky and low-quality dating apps like Tinder and general timewasters on Seeking Arrangement. Our women are far too stunning, talented and busy to squander their time in such a way, and our clients are wealthy with opulent but hectic lifestyles. Both groups are seeking companionship and being spoilt, albeit potentially in different ways. This is where we come in. We interview our women and our clients and find out what they’re looking for – a one off date for one to a few hours (with or without intimacy), a short term arrangement/romantic fling, or a longer term arrangement. Let us deal with the hassles of dating, and you handle spoiling the person with you.


Q. What happens on a date?


A. We have perfected the girlfriend experience. We provide companions that are breathtakingly beautiful and entertaining conversationalists with gentle souls and kind-hearts. Life is stressful and the last thing we need is to add to it. Girlfriends are great, but they can cause a lot of conflict over time. That isn’t what happens with our ladies – they are genuinely invested in you and ensuring you’re happy. They care about your thoughts, feelings and desires, without the demands of commitment. They’re sensual, always well-dressed and groomed (never letting themselves go as one would in a regular relationship), and wonderfully sweet. Our ladies only accept dates they feel comfortable with and decline those they do not, so remember that the gorgeous girl in front of you wants to be there. Be respectful, courteous and your date will treat you like a king! Take your Girl Next Door to the movies, to dinner, to work and family functions and even to just spend time with at home or on a trip. As with most dates, intimacy can occur, just be respectful and things will work smoothly. An express date is just that: fast-paced but still romantic and sumptuous. Linger a little longer for a Deluxe date – 2 or more hours with one of our angelic blondes or sultry brunettes, and if you’re looking for that spark with a published model or pageant girl you’ll want a Presidential date. For the ultimate luxurious companionship, choose the Housewife Service. Model Wifey will take care of you the way she used to back in the good old days, dressed immaculately (and cheekily underneath), she will come to you and cook you one of your favourite meals (or bring one from a stellar restaurant), give you a massage to help you unwind after a long day at work, pour you a glass of red/white or a beer, listen to you and provide you with the comfort and intimacy you’ve been neglected of. Think of Grace Kelly in Rear Window.


Q. What makes you different from a normal escort agency?


A. Well, for one, our ladies are not escorts, they are companions and confidantes. Dates are not mechanical and transactional; our women want to spend time with you as much as you do with them.  You and your date will have quality time together and your eye doesn’t have to be fixed to your watch. We have women who are highly educated, extremely well-groomed, sophisticated and eloquent. They’re established models and pageant girls and come from high-class backgrounds. They are the girls next door you’ve always wanted to score a date with. They’re sensual and cute, with razor sharp wit and attentiveness to boot.

Q) What services do you offer?

A) We offer companionship and the genuine Girlfriend Experience. Warmth, affection and a sensual environment await you when you book time with one of our ladies. We do not solicit sex work or prostitution. Our women are escorts in the traditional sense of the word – they’ll be your escort to events and provide you comfort in privacy. You’ll be the envy of every man with a GND lady on your arm, they’re sure to turn heads, having won international pageants and gracing covers of magazines. Expect what you would from a regular girlfriend, minus the attitude, commitment and strings. Undivided attention, playfulness and cheeky outfits are guaranteed beneath designer cocktail dresses.

 Q) Do you offer the PSE and natural services?

A) Absolutely not. Our ladies are classy and elegant and will not risk health issues or their morality to appease certain modern tastes. We abide by state legislation in the locations we are based in, but it’s not just law that dictates the services we provide. The safety and comfort of our women is paramount. Other agencies may offer these “extras” and we may be behind the game in not doing so, but we’d rather keep our integrity and dignity. Our ladies are open-minded, but kindness, decency and manners need to be involved.

Q) Can I take photos of the girls?

A) No, as our ladies lead public lives as models and pageant girls, discretion is an absolute must. Their identities must be protected, and they must feel comfortable knowing that this part of their lives remains private. If you are very interested in having a photo with your companion, photos must be cleared and approved by both your companion and the agency

Q) Why are your prices set the way they are?

A) Our girls are mostly high fashion and commercial models, as well as pageant girls who have either placed or represented countries in international pageants. Some girls are newer to the organisation and therefore are priced slightly lower than others. Status and performance is very closely linked to their pricing. If you competed in Miss Universe, you’d be worth the extra fee, wouldn’t you? If you cannot afford our services, that is not an issue, just let our booker know and have a good night. Please do not haggle or barter, we have a rigorous structure in place to ensure everyone has been given a fair deal.

Q) Can I book directly with the girl/can I have the girl’s contact details?

A) No. We represent our ladies and serve as an intermediary between them and our clients. We manage their promotion, security and comfort. When you make an enquiry, photos are provided to you that are accurate and include both professional photos and casual selfies so that you are given a realistic idea as to which girl you’ll be seeing in person. We cannot provide any more than we initially do unless expressly approved by the companion herself. It takes a lot of time and money to maintain this organisation and ensure our girls are comfortable and safe. We handle discreet payments and arrangements; you will compromise your safety and privacy if you try to undercut us. Legal action may be pursued if you have attempted to contact our girls directly or solicited them for private work. All contact is through Girl Next Door and we guarantee stringent protection of your personal information and the health of all parties.

Q) I’m a woman, can I book one of your ladies?

A) Absolutely. Many of our girls are genuinely bisexual and would love to accompany you to events and satisfy you when you get home. If you’re a couple looking to spice things up, let our bookers know so they can set you up with a lady who would be the perfect fit for you!

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Girl Next Door was awarded the best dating agency in Australia from 2018-2019. We ensure the highest quality companionship for our clients and a wonderful cultural experience for our beautiful women. From runway and commercial models to international beauty pageant winners, we represent the most stunning women Australia has to offer (and a couple of other countries too...) 

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